Business Automation to Improve Customer Satisfaction

April 22, 2021

Business automation can be utilized to decrease cost and improve sales and deliverability of products and services. Many businesses are scrambling to cut costs and increase business efficiency. Luckily, there are many ways in which businesses can automate many tasks. The first thing to consider is asking what can be automated? There are thousands of automation that can be utilized to increase sales, lead generation, and customer satisfaction.

Improve Customer Satisfaction with SMS

The first thing businesses should consider automating is customer service. This can be done through text messaging (SMS). Text messaging is a powerful tool that can help businesses automate their customer service. The best type of text messaging is two-way conventional communication. This is where customers can initiate a text message and the business can respond either through auto-responses or from a live person. 

Many businesses are currently using only one-way communication. An example of one-way text messaging is, say an ice cream parlor is promoting a free cup of ice cream. They post out front of their store saying, text the word “yummy” to the number 41356. This is clearly not a regular phone number. Businesses that use this type of promotion are missing out on a great opportunity to stay connected with their customers and get repeat business.

The Power of Keyword Triggers  

A unique way to help customers with any issues is to set up keyword triggers. For example, I can set up keywords like hours, menu, discounts, support, refunds, or appointments. Once someone texts the specific keyword, they will automatically receive the information they are looking for. Plus, when a keyword is used, the phone number can automatically be tagged with the keyword. If someone texts the word "discount", I know they are interested in my product and are looking for a discount. I can either automatically deliver a discount code, or send them a code once one is available. This can easily increase sales by contacting people who have already shown interest in the product.

Another example, this time for a restaurant, is the keyword, menu. If a restaurant has two-way SMS, the restaurant can set up a keyword trigger for the word menu. If someone texts the word menu, they can automatically receive a link to the restaurant’s menu. This method is preferred over using a QR code to send people directly to their menu.

The Problem with QR Codes

The problem with using a QR code is the restaurant is not able to obtain the contact information of their customer. Every restaurant is spending a lot of money to get people to visit their place. If a person is texting for the menu, you can be certain the person may want to know about specials or discounts in the future. QR codes can work if the restaurant is first sending their customers to a page where they collect the contact information. QR codes have become popular as a result of the pandemic to reduce surfaces that can spread COVID-19.

Of course, the option to opt-out must be in place. This is not about texting random people. This is about staying in contact and sharing information with people who have provided their information.

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