Marketing Automation for Authors [Update 2023]

April 23, 2021

Marketing Automation

Maximizing Book Sales in 2023: Avoiding Common Mistakes

The ultimate goal for any author is to sell as many books as possible. A book can serve as a powerful tool to attract new clients, increase followers, and expand a business. To achieve high book sales, authors must employ effective marketing strategies and leverage marketing automation. However, many authors fall into the trap of trying to become an “Amazon Best-Seller” without considering the bigger picture.

The Purpose of Writing a Book

There are numerous reasons to write a book. It can establish you as an expert in your field, serve as a unique business card, or act as a gateway to your world for potential clients. Most authors understand that the book itself may not generate substantial income, but it can open doors to other opportunities.

Your book serves as an entry point for people to get to know you and your work. Once they understand who you are and what you stand for, you can introduce them to other products and services you offer, such as online courses, group coaching programs, or masterminds. This progression of offerings is often referred to as a value ladder, starting with a low-cost product like a book and moving up to higher-priced products.

The Amazon Link Mistake

A common mistake authors make is providing a direct link to their book on Amazon. While it seems like the most straightforward approach to drive sales, it may not be the most effective strategy.

If someone buys your book, it's likely because they're interested in the topic you've written about. However, if you direct people straight to Amazon, you miss out on the opportunity to collect valuable information about your target market. Amazon does not share customer information, so you lose the chance to build a connection with someone who may be interested in your other offerings.

Marketing Automation for Authors

Most people who buy a book never finish reading it. They may have been interested in the subject, but life happens, and they never get around to implementing the tips and strategies the book contains.

For instance, someone interested in building a tiny house may buy a book on the subject but not start the project for several years. If you direct this person straight to your book on Amazon, you miss out on the opportunity to build a relationship with them and provide them with further training or support when they're ready to start their project.

The Better Way: Landing Pages and Bonuses

Instead of sending traffic directly to Amazon, consider directing potential readers to a landing page with bonuses related to your book. These bonuses should complement the book and provide additional value to the reader.

By doing this, you can collect valuable customer information, build a relationship with your readers, and potentially introduce them to your other products and services when they're ready.

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